4 How to make a good impression in a job interview

How to make a good impression in a job interview

If you are reading this, you’re probably about to go on a job interview, and you want to make a good impression so the chances of you getting the job are the highest. Here you will find a few things that you can never miss.

The key

The word that can never be missing in your mind is confidence. Show it all the time, and you’ll have something less to worry about. Because when you meet someone confident, there’s always something they do that you can’t forget them for a few hours, and that’s what you need to produce. To be remembered. Just stand up straight, relax your shoulders and answer every question without hesitation. That’s it.

The conversation

Always bring a subject in your mind that is out of the regular, but somehow related to the job. Like, for example, if you are being interviewed for a job in a technology company, bring a story about branded items that could be relevant at some point, and use it. If it is a smart or funny story, they will remember you. Just make sure those items in the story are not from the competition, unless it is a bad and funny experience about them.

The visual

If you want the interviewer to feel good about you, you have to transmit that feeling by the way you look. Take a shower before you go, and never use too much perfume, some companies don’t like that. Don’t bring clothing that could remind other people of other branded items, even if they are from the company you are about to be interviewed. Be smart, and don’t play by the way you look, play it by the way you act. Your clothing should be secondary, so when someone else asks what you were wearing, the other person won’t actually remember that. They will know that your clothes were just fine, but your attitude was brilliant.

Saying good bye

When you have to leave the interview, don’t show desperation. Act cool. Practice your handshake with a friend if you need to, and never say bye with a kiss, you never know what the other person may or may not like. Always give a confident handshake, and be thankful for their time. If you did all of those things right, just sit and wait for their call.